ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.

Procedures CFS LCL cargo


ESCO can handle the following CFS/LCL cargo:

  • Cargo packed in cases or on pallets weighing not more than 4.5 tonnes that can be moved by forklift.
  • In cases where special equipment is required, a service charge will be collected based on the nature of the operation.
  • CFS/LCL is accepted only for consolidated containers.

ESCO cannot handle the following CFS/LCL cargo:

  • Cargo that can cause pollution in the terminal and warehouse areas such as loose powder, smelted chemicals, etc.
  • Highly valuable and heavy cargo such as passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks, machinery, etc.
  • Cargo weighing less than 4.5 tonnes but not packed in a case or on a pallet such as steel pipe.
  • Cargo that is prohibited by authorities such as DG (Dangerous Goods).
  • Heavy equipment, cargo of unbalanced weight, and any other special cargo that cannot be moved by forklift, and/or requires special equipment.
  • ESCO reserves the right to refuse the provision of equipment and labor for any specific cargo. In such cases, the cargo owner will supply its own equipment and labor.

Enforcement of Wood Packaging Material Regulations at Final Destination Countries.

  • If fumigated wood is required by wood packaging materials regulation, shipping lines are required to inform ESCO at the time of booking.