ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.

Terminal Container Operating System

Container Terminal Operating System

ESCO uses CATOS (Computer Automated Terminal Operation System), an integrated terminal management solution, to maximize container terminal productivity and gain greater efficiency, enhance service quality, and increase profitability.

CATOS provides ESCO with the tools to support all throughput activities, from modeling and planning yards and vessels, to monitoring and directing equipment movements within the terminal. The system enables real-time transactions from data feeds and advanced wireless communications that transmit on-the-ground changes.

With CATOS, ESCO is able to improve carrier turn-times to maximize revenues. ESCO can also optimize space, equipment and labor with sophisticated algorithms, increase terminal utilization through yard, vessel, and resource planning and provide greater operational control and monitoring of terminal assets and cargo.

As an ESCO customer you will be given access to this network, and we go to considerable lengths to process and display important information in the most user-friendly manner. For example, in addition to every vessel's berthing status, we will process essential information for each container, such as its gateway entry and departure time, its stacking position and precise location in the container yard. Customers then have the option of receiving this information via email or alternatively by accessing ESCO's website at any time for immediate access to accurate information that helps them save valuable time and costs.