ESCO Launches New Website

Laptop with blank screen placed on white wooden table in blurred green nature background

Keeping pace with the latest technology is becoming ever more important in a world that is constantly changing. The need for consistent transparency has become imperative in order to thrive in a modern business environment.

To that end, ESCO recently updated their corporate website to be accessible from all around the world and from any device. The new interface is designed to be easy to use and includes more functions compared to previous versions. Users can now easily find out a variety of information about ESCO.

The simple and elegant design of the upgraded website allows users with the ability to reach any kind of up-to-date information about berth schedules, news and services. ESCO is enabling all their customers with the ability to easy view standard frequently used processes such as container tracking, berth schedules, and procedures.

The homepage of any website is very important. It’s often the first place anyone visiting will go. If the page is poorly designed, the chances of a user leaving are extremely high. That’s why it’s so important to leave a good first impression. This is exactly what ESCO has done, with a clearly easy to read and navigate page. One of the first noticeable items are the drop-down boxes up top highlighting a few of the most frequently used parts of their website.

A large percentage of users will continue to access the information that ESCO provides through their desktop computers, but arguably one of the biggest upgrades for the new website is the responsive design built right into the system. This allows users to access the same information wherever they may be and on any device. Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops; it’s all readily accessible and able to easily navigate through the new website.

The new website upgrade is just one part of the ESCO’s strategy towards digitalization as it aims to be one of the top terminals at Laem Chabang Port.