ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.

Procedures Liability


  • In the event that cargo is damaged during unstuffing by ESCO, including during lifting onto the truck, and the damage has clearly been caused by ESCO, ESCO shall be liable to the cargo owner or consignee in an amount not exceeding 50,000 baht per cargo and/or 500,000 baht per container.
  • If cargo is damaged and/or lost before being in the custody of ESCO, then ESCO shall not be liable in any case.
  • Once ESCO has delivered cargo in full and satisfactory condition, ESCO shall not be liable for any damages detected after the delivery.
  • Any person who signs a delivery form on behalf of the customer is deemed to be the receiver and acting on behalf of the customer. ESCO shall not be liable for loss or damage occurring after delivery to the receiver.

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