ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.

Terminal Rubber Tyred Gantries

Rubber Tyred Gantries

Ten rubber tyred gantries manage ESCO's B3 container yard to maximum efficiency. Two RTGs are Kalmar units that have the ability to stack one over six containers high while eight are from Sumitomo and can stack one over four

The 'E-One' Kalmar RTGs are part of our ongoing effort to boost yard productivity and cater to ever-increasing capacity requirements. The two units are the first RTGs at Laem Chabang Port to run entirely on an electric as opposed to a hydraulic system. This allows them to operate more efficiently and economically because without hydraulic components they consume less energy. The RTGs' ability to stack containers up to one over six high allows ESCO to optimize cargo volumes and utilize yard space more effectively.