ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.


Electronic Services

Our electronic services allow customers to check vessel berthing schedules, track the status of their containers and book container handling services electronically from any location in the world. The advanced system also provides the vital information and reports on container movements that give customers greater visibility of their shipments.

Prior to accessing our e-Services, customers must accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Users are free to use ESCO's e-Services at any time.
  • Users are not authorized to make the information therein available on any website or otherwise reproduce, distribute, copy, store, use or sell this information for commercial gain without the express written consent of ESCO.
  • The information therein is subject to change without prior notice.

Please report any problems with our e-Services to: or call +66 (0) 3300-5678, ext. 1800.