ESCO Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., LTD.

Procedures Term.Reg.forVesselOperations

Terminal Regulations for Vessel Operations

  • The Master/Chief Officer is responsible for checking and co-inspecting ESCO terminal property to assure that no damage occurs from collision upon berthing the vessel and throughout the stay at the port
  • A gangway with proper handrail and a save-all net is provided immediately upon arrival of a vessel at the terminal.
  • The Master/Chief Officer is responsible for expediting the crew services of shifting/ positioning the ship derricks whenever necessary to facilitate terminal operations without obstruction. To avoid any collisions with ESCO's quay cranes and ship derricks, vessels are requested to obtain clearance from ESCO personnel before any shifting/positioning is done.
  • The Master/Chief Officer is responsible for providing proper and sufficient lashing equipment if required by ESCO personnel, and progressive inspections should be made by the vessel's Master/Chief Officer to ensure proper lashing. Any dissatisfaction with lashing should be brought to the immediate attention of ESCO supervisors. Any costs incurred from delay or amendments to the vessel's sailing time due to last-minute lashing inspections will be charged to the Agent.
  • The Master/Chief Officer is responsible for maintaining the vessel's stability, including the tightening of mooring ropes when necessary throughout the port stay.
  • Ship crews and companions are requested to contact ESCO security before entering the terminal.
  • No excessive smoke is to be emitted from the ship's funnel.
  • No oil spillage is permitted into the sea or anywhere in the vicinity of the working area.
  • No painting whatsoever is permitted in the wharf area.